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Tips and Advice for Driving in France with the Family

There are few things more satisfying than a family trip to France, and this big country has so much to offer that taking a car with you is one of the best ways of making sure that you get to see a lot of it.

However, if you have never driven in France before then this can be a real worry. Thankfully it isn’t too difficult to get around over there, and if you follow these simple tips you will be fine.

Do Some Research
It is easy to check out some basic details of driving in France before you set off. If you have a specific question about this issue then you could ask it in an online forum. Otherwise it is simply a question of getting as much basic information as you need about the subject from the internet.

Learn the Important Words
You might get from home to your holiday in France without speaking to anyone, but what if you need to ask for help or directions? If none of you know much of the local language then it is a good idea to check out a few of the words and phrases which you might have to use at some point in the journey. You also don’t want to come across road signs which are completely unintelligible to you and your family.

Plan Your Route
When you travel in a foreign country it can be a great help to know where you are going. When it comes to family holidays in France you might want a high degree of flexibility but it is still good to have an idea of where you want to go to at all times. Once you are comfortable you might want to a bit of rather more aimless sightseeing in your car but while it is all new to you it is best to stick to the basics. If you have a GPS system or a smart phone then be sure to check that you have the right maps and information on it before you set off.

Take Some Entertainment
Even if your kids are used to travelling quite far in the car in the UK it could be a big surprise to them to see how big and flat parts of France are. If you are undertaking a fairly lengthy journey then you will want to take some entertainment along for them. Of course, it’s not just the kids who need a break sometimes, and planning some stops in your trip will ensure that everyone gets to your destination in a better frame of mind. Don’t be fooled into underestimating distances just by looking at a map. The only way to make sure that you check out the trip thoroughly is to investigate fully the distance you need to travel. You might be surprised to see that it is a lot further than it looked when you checked it out on the map.

Published February 29th, 2012 by Alan Horton
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