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Famous Hostels

I traveled to Nice, France a couple weekends ago and happened to book a hostel called “Villa Saint Exubery Beach”. I chose it because it was wonderfully student/ backpacker friendly: sports bar on site, hostel-led excursions, cheap: the works. When I got there I realized that it was part of an aggregate site, called “Famous Hostels”. These are the cream-of-the-crop hostels in every major city in Europe. While browsing the site I recognized by name some other famous (no pun intended) hostels that fellow travelers had mentioned.

[By the way Nice and Monoco were amazing, but that’ll be for a different post]

I used my knowledge of Famous Hostels to great advantage while traveling this last weekend in Dublin. Though my own fault I found myself without a place to stay in Dublin, but I remembered the name of the Famous Hostel “Avalon House”. My stay there was equally nice, although it did not have an on-site bar; rather it had a cafe. Still great location, good price, and nice staff.

Really if you’re interested in traveling, throw FamousHostels into the mix of websites to check out before you book.

Published November 7th, 2012 by Patrick Johnson
Posted to Student Blog

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