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A Guide to Getting Married in Murcia, Spain

The Murcia region in the south-east of Spain is one of the sunniest regions in Spain and as such could be an excellent location to hold the sunny wedding day of your dreams. The region of Murcia is one of many contrasts- from the cool waters of the Mediterranean to the bustling city of Murcia; to the lush green hilly areas there is something to suit every couple.

The Costa Calida, literally the warm coast, of the region has many seaside beach villages, towns and resorts which could be the perfect spot for your big day. If you are looking for a beachside location the Mar Menor could be perfect. The Mar Menor, which translated literally means the small sea, is an area where a strip of land protruding from the coastline extends out and creates a smaller sea or lake, protecting and sheltering it from the open waters of the Mediterranean. This means that the waters of the Mar Menor are shallower, safer and so much warmer and more pleasant for swimming in than the open seas.

One of the most popular areas on the Mar Menor is La Manga del Mar Menor which is the area on the sandbar which stretches out protecting the waters of the Mar Menor. Here you will find many different hotels, restaurants and other locations which would be perfect for your wedding day.

The city of Murcia itself, can be found around 45 minutes inland. It is easily reachable from both Murcia San Javier and Alicante airports and is relatively free from tourists. The prices of hotels, restaurants and general living costs are reflected in this as everything is much cheaper here than in the coastal areas of the region.

One venue in the city of Murcia which would be a stunning setting for your wedding is the Santa Maria Cathedral. This imposing Baroque style Cathedral was completed in 1751 and features a whole host of different design features such as Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque which all intertwine to create a unique character. The Cathedral setting would offer some truly dramatic and striking pictures for your wedding day. If you choose to get married in Murcia, don’t forget to take your digital camera to record your travel videos.

There are also many great restaurants and other locations where you could spend the evening of your wedding night celebrating with family and friends. The city of Murcia has a great selection of different styles of location to choose from and there would be something to suit every couples taste and budget. A delicious traditional Murcian tapas meal would be a great end to a sunny Spanish wedding.

If you wished to hold your wedding day in Spain you could incorporate this foreign setting into the finer details of your wedding day. For example you could take the lead from Spanish tradition where the bride and groom circulate the evening meal after the ceremony passing out wedding favours and small gifts to their guests to thank them for their presence. Traditional Spanish gifts are cigars or small bottles of alcohol for the male guests and something beautiful and fragrant for the females however you could put your own spin on this idea if you so desired.

This article was written by Emma Gray, for more articles from Emma visit her blog, Emma’s Travel Tales.

Published February 2nd, 2012 by Alan Horton
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