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A guide to taking your pet abroad

Is your pet like a member of the family? If so, the decision to relocate throws up lots of questions about how to take your animal friend with you. The complexity of taking a pet abroad depends on the destination. With some countries, there’s barely any red tape, while others create an enormous paper trail for you to negotiate.

Fortunately, moving your pet to a European country is currently relatively straightforward, thanks to the EU Pet Travel Scheme.

About the Pet Travel Scheme

Under this scheme, owners of cats, dogs and ferrets can transport their animals within Europe, following a relatively easy process, where pets are issued with their own passport. In the UK, only Official Veterinarians (OVs) are able to produce a pet passport.

To travel within Europe, your pet must meet criteria set by the The Department of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs.

- The pet must be microchipped
- After microchipping, it must have a rabies vaccination
- It must have a pet passport, or official third country veterinary certificate
- If it’s a dog, it must have been treated for tapeworm
- Travel can only take place from 21 days after the rabies vaccination

The cost of the procedures, including vaccinations and documents, could be in the region of £200. However, that’s not the only cost involved, as flying or shipping them to your new destination may be expensive. Travel costs will depend on the animal’s size and whether it can travel with you, or must go in the hold.

Moving to Europe can be made easy with PSS International Removals. We’re a family-run business with 34 years’ experience in door-to-door shipping. We can advise you on every aspect of your move – even how to relocate your much-loved pet – and ensure that your family receives a friendly, professional and stress free overseas move.

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Published November 25th, 2016 by PSS International Removals
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