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Should You Learn the Language of Your New Country?

Whether you’re planning a move abroad to work or retire, learning the language of your new destination is often something that slips to the bottom of your “To Do List”. When the big move comes, it’s often the case that all you’ve managed to learn are a few words and phrases that you hope will get you by, for now.

If you’re heading to Italy, France or Spain, however, making an effort to learn the language is a courtesy that will be much appreciated. Even if you are relocating to an area that’s densely populated with British expats, such as the Dordogne in France (AKA ‘Dordogneshire’ because of its many Brit inhabitants), or Spain’s Costa Blanca, learning the native language will enable you to travel more widely and engage with people and communities.

There are situations in which learning the language of the country you are residing in is essential – for example, if you’re working in a local office, or sending your children to a school where they will have to speak the native language. Added to which, there is an argument that if you want to emigrate, you can’t fully integrate yourself into society without having a means of communicating with locals on their terms.

Learning a language, however, takes preparation and perseverance. While you can get the basics covered before you emigrate, attending a course, or using an app, it’s likely that you won’t understand the nuances of the language until you are living in your new country. Once you are using it and hearing it every day, your proficiency will take a huge step up.

As your confidence in speaking the language increases, you will feel the benefits of communicating with your neighbours, work colleagues or local newsagent. Not only can it be fun, it also brings a greater sense of belonging. And there’s another benefit you may not have considered – there is some scientific evidence to suggest that learning a foreign language can boost your brain power!

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Published July 22nd, 2016 by PSS International Removals
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