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Expat Spotlight: Matt's Top 3 Tips for Paris

I’m Matt, an Australian Co-Founder of Lost in Frenchlation – an organisation that brings the best of French cinema with English subtitles to the international community every Friday, with drinks before the film for catching up with friends. I used to be a tour guide for Fat Tire Bike Tours in Paris, which I can confidently say was the most fun job I’ve ever had in my life!

Top 3 favorite restaurants in Paris:

1) La Cave des Abbesses – an inconspicuous wine cave with a great mixte planche at the back of a wine shop.
2) Le Cambodge – great Cambodian food at very reasonable prices. Highly recommend the Bobun Royal.
3) Chez Marcel – a cool café next to the famous Villa Léandre – try the French toast.

Top 3 favorite foods in Paris:

1) Mixte planche – an assortment of delicious cheeses and meats served with sliced baguette.
2) Petit pain lardon moutarde – a small bread treat with bacon and mustard baked into it.
3) Raclette – melted cheese with potatoes and various cured meats.

Top 3 tips for new expats in Paris:

1) Paris is an expensive city – do any job you can while trying to land your dream one so that you’re not burning through your cash.
2) Make sure all of your documents are in order, e.g. your rental agreement, work contract, etc. otherwise opening a bank account – or doing anything else administrative – will be an absolute nightmare.
3) Always consult your French friends or colleagues if you’re not sure what to do – you might be instructed to do something in a particular way, but it might be widely known that there is a much faster and commonly used method for getting that task done.

Top 3 tips for travelers in Paris:

1) Use the velibs – you can discover so much more of Paris by cycling rather than taking the metro or cabs, and it’s only €2 for the entire day.
2) If you’re not into museums, don’t spend your few precious days in Paris walking around them. There are so many great streets, parks and restaurants to enjoy instead.
3) Of course you need to tick the Eiffel Tour and Louvre boxes on your first visit to Paris, but try to make time for more authentic experiences, too, like the theatre, cinema or an English language comedy show.

Top 3 favorite places in Paris:

1) Rue des Abbesses – a very charming and typically Parisian street in Montmartre.
2) The Rodin Museum – a museum dedicated to the famous sculptor with a beautiful garden that is an oasis in the middle of bustling Paris.
3) Anywhere along the border of the Seine on a sunny day – the whole of Paris will be there enjoying the warmth and the atmosphere.

Top 3 neighborhoods in Paris:

1) Montmartre – the most charming neighbourhood of Paris, in my opinion.
2) Belleville – good cheap bars and restaurants with many different cultures represented.
3) Canal St Martin – in the summer months, there is nowhere better to spend your days.

Top 3 cinemas in Paris:

1) Studio 28 – the oldest cinema room in Paris, which is also the most beautiful, and has a bar for enjoying a drink with friends.
2) Mac Mahon – an old art house cinema just off the Champs Elysées, which now screens old American films.
3) Louxor – an Egyptian-themed cinema in Barbes that has been artistically designed, and also features a rooftop bar – perfect for a warm day!

Published April 3rd, 2017 by Susie White
Posted to Inside Secrets to France

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