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Longterm house and pet sitting

We are STEPHAN and VERENA, both born in 1970, a reliable and trustworthy German house and pet sitter couple taking care of your pets, house and garden when you are away. We feed the pets, take the dogs out for a walks, free them from ticks and cuddle them and also the cats too. We clean out the stables of the horses, water your plants, look after your garden, repair the fences and maintain pumps and other systems.
In the past 8 years we took care of more than 100 animals and 20 houses in different
locations over Europe. Some places where “in the middle of nowhere” with alternate
electricity or water supply and lots of different and special animals and the owners were
always very happy with everything when they got back home. We are also very good hosts, if you are running any kind of tourist business we are experienced in preparing breakfast and receiving and entertaining your guests.
Our pet sitter service is free but it would be nice if you could recover our expenses for
travel and the everyday items we may need to buy during our stay on your property.
Please visit our pet sitting website where you can see for yourself the kind of people we
are, enjoy!

Kind regards,
Stephan and Verena


Submitted January 27th, 2014 by thePetsitters
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