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Hidden Bar in Florence with one of a kind cocktails.. my discovery

Being that I have lived in Florence, Italy for five years I tend to think I know about all of the places to go, events around town and worthy aperitivos. Getting a good cocktail is not always the easiest feat ( especially if you are on a budget ) and most tend to be mojitos, cuba libres and your run of the mill after work “drink.”. That being said there are some places that do decent cocktails such as Slowly bar and a few nice hotels in the city.

Me and my friends decided to hit up the annual Winetown event in Florence, which consists of getting a prepaid card with a certain amount of points which translates to tastings and you can go to any of the locations throughout the city to try different wines. I absolutely love events like this ( who wouldn’t ) and this year it was better organized but a little more expensive..

After hitting up Gusta Panino ( a fantastic place in Piazza Santo Spirito for a yummy sandwhich,,mine was made with prosciutto crudo, brie and sun dried tomatoes ) we decided to venture off towards Piazza Ferucci , about a 15 minute walk from palazzo pitti where we were. My friend Nico mentioned a place called “Surf Ventura” which I had never heard of but apparently had amazing cocktails. Honestly, I have never really been impressed but I decided lets give this place a chance, you always have to keep an open mind!

Of course the door was nondescript, a black door with what looked like a port hole in a ship… we wandered downstairs where they asked for a “tessera” membership card that normally private clubs such as these have. Never fear as normally the card is pretty cheap 5-7 euros for the entire year but being that my friend had been before we were able to bypass the card.. woohoo!

We sit down ( the walls covered in writing and surfing memorabilia.. it was full of people ) and Nico explains the owner comes around and just sort of described what kind of cocktails they have. Sure enough the friendly owner sat down and basically wowed us with his array of fruits, and magician like combinations. I had no idea what I got but I was very happy with the cosmopolitan like concoction that arrived which seemed the most “normal” one at the table ( a mix of bitter, grapefruit, vodka and more.. ) . My friends got a half of papaya with alcohol soaked and an extra “shot” to add .. also an array of fresh figs soaked in alcohol and berries.. I had never seen drinks like that and they were only 7 -8 euros to boot. So yummy and if it was too strong, the owner was more than accommodating and provided some extra juice..the atmosphere was lively, very Italian yet laid back vibe, and I am dying to go back and see what else they offer.. and I am so happy to discover that A. I don’t know everything in Florence and B. that I am constantly pleasantly surprised about what my little city has to offer.. I truly love where I live..

so where is it located?
via Ser Ventura Monachi 21r, Firenze
telefono: 055/688589
open every day but tuesday from 17:00 until 2am

seriously a must-do if your looking for a unique end your night in Florence ( feels like yoru in a submarine..) and you want to chat with Mauro , the owner.. enjoy! i certainly did!

Published September 25th, 2011 by Georgette
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