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Making the Most of Your Move Abroad

Whatever your reasons for moving abroad, it’s always difficult to leave behind friends and family and to start a new life in a different country. Many expats experience loneliness; and some feel guilty, especially if leaving elderly parents behind.

They key to settling in is to embrace change and make the most of your new surroundings. Taking a positive outlook, you can see it as a chance to have an adventure, to shake things up and step out of your comfort zone.

At PSS International Removals, we’ve helped thousands of people move their lives to the other side of the world. From our observations, we’ve identified the following steps all expats can take to enjoy their new environment to the full:

1. Travel Like a Tourist

Imagine being a tourist, but having more than a couple of weeks to explore your new location. Discover what a luxury that is by taking daytrips and having weekends away, seeing the best sights, attractions, countryside and beaches the country has to offer. You could even start a diary or blog to document your adventures.

2. Eat Like a Native

Eating new foods and discovering delicious ingredients is one of the highlights of staying in another country. Canvassing the opinions of neighbours and colleagues about the best restaurants, coffee shops, takeaways and foodie shops and markets will be the start of an enjoyable and memorable culinary mission.

3. Meet the Locals

Meeting people is a trickier affair than you might think. Even if you are surrounded with new colleagues at work, fitting in can be hard. Finding people you have something in common with is the way forward, so joining a book group or attending a quiz night could open-up doors. Many cities have databases of volunteering opportunities, another idea to consider if you want to find friends and a purpose.

4. Get Active

There’s nothing like a tennis court or golf course, or even a park run, to help you find friends, keep fit and get sociable. It will also help you establish routines, which is an important part of fitting in. You’d be hard pushed to not find an activity you liked doing in most of the major cities around the world.

5. Learn the Language

Being able to talk the native language is always a bonus in countries where English is not spoken predominantly. To truly integrate into the society, picking up the lingo should be a priority. It’s easy to find night classes to help you learn quickly. They have the added-bonus of pushing you towards people who are in the same boat.

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Published June 7th, 2017 by PSS International Removals
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