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Under the brightly colored confetti, grey foggy mist laid the magical world of Carnival Venice 2012!

Two weekends ago my boyfriend and I went to Venice to experience the spectacle of Carnival. Magical, mysterious, and a mesmerizing fantasy linger within its memory. In only three days (actually only two considering I came down with the flu the last day….must have been the chilling humidity mixed with windy cold breeze) we practically did it all!

Venice itself is an absolutely breath taking city as many have said before. It is truly a must see location! Driving (by boat of course) over the lagoon from Lido, an enchanted city suddenly appeared as the fog began to dissipate. Clock towers and Duomos were were outlined with the sky as its background. While there, we stumbled upon hidden bridges, gazed at miraculous Renaissance art, walked along the flowing canals, and visited the most important, prestigious churches and palaces.

But out of all of the wonder and splendor, my favorite part had to be the Carnival celebration itself. I practically went camera happy with all of the pictures I took of the ornately decorated masks and fashionably Venetian dressed figures parading throughout the piazzas. My boyfriend and I of course each purchased an infamous Venetian mask which made us feel that much more elegant in the city devoted to beauty and grandeur.

From enjoying bites of Frappe or as they call them in Venice “Chiacchere” to sipping a glass of red wine from the annual wine fountain, Carnival left its mark on our hearts. Standing in San Marco square, confetti floating in the wind, church bells ringing, the wine fountain spewing it delicious red juice from its white marble sculpture, all while the hand painted masks passerby will forever be etched in my mind when I think of this festive, elaborate time of year!

Now onto the Italian celebrations of Pasqua!!

Published February 28th, 2012 by Melissa
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