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Expat Spotlight: The Roman Foodie’s Top 3 Tips for Italy

The Roman Foodie (www.theromanfoodie.com) is a food blog & food tour specialist based in Rome and she is making it her mission to educate all visitors to Italy about what to eat and where to eat it. #yum

Top 3 Favorite Restaurants in Italy?

1) Tenuta Casanova, Chianti. So it’s not a restaurant but a vineyard with a restaurant. Organic food & wine all grown and produced on the land. The husband turns the grapes into wine and the wife cooks up a storm in the kitchen for lunch. This place is a must when in the area.
2) Dino e Toni, Rome. No fuss, good Roman food. It’s a trattoria run by two childhood friends who won’t take your plates away until they are absolutely empty. The wine is flowing and the paper table covers keep it simple. Most of all, the food is to die for!
3) Osteria Umberto, Rome. In The Roman Foodie’s favorite Rome neighborhood of Trastevere, this little gem is tucked away in the corner of a small piazza. Roman artichokes, bucatini pasta, risottos and meat…so so so good.

Top 3 favorite foods in Italy?

1) Pasta. All shapes and sizes, this Roman Foodie loves pasta! The sauces are where I really hold my preferences, but I couldn’t possibly choose just one. My favorite pasta is probably rigatoni because it always catches the sauce.
2) Pizza al taglio. It’s so much easier than trying to conquer a whole Italian pizza in one sitting! Just get it ‘al taglio’ (by the slice), then you can make the excuse of having it as a snack during the day.
3) Italian cheeses with honey. A simple go to snack or aperitivo plate when drinking vino bianco. Pecorino cheese and Italian honey is my favorite combination, especially if the honey is infused with black truffle. Wait! Italian truffles! Truffles would be number 4!

Top 3 tips for new expats in Italy?

1) Learn some Italian. Make an effort from the onset to learn the language. Sign up to language classes if you can, or find people to do a language exchange with!
2) Channel your easygoing nature. Things happen at a different pace here but there are
advantages to the laidback Italian culture too!
3) Eat, drink, eat! This is partly the reason you would move to Italy, right? Enjoy discovering better versions of the dishes you know and the ones you don’t! The best way to get to know any Italian city is with the local food.

Top 3 tips for travellers in Italy?

1) Download the ‘Word Reference’ app on your phone. It’s an excellent online dictionary that will help you with translating menus!
2) Book a tour! There is, unsurprisingly, so much to see in this beautiful country, but you will learn so much more with a local guide – you won’t regret it.
3) Read local blogs. Read blogs written by locals on what to see and where to eat so you get the best out of your experience. My brother The Roman Guy has a blog on best things to sod and see in Italy and I cover the food ;)

Top 3 tips for what to pack for Italy?

1) Sunglasses. These will not only stop the glare of the sun but also help you blend in with the locals. Occasionally leave them on indoors and you may be mistaken for an Italian (even in winter)!
2) A pair of comfy shoes for walking. There is a lot to discover in Rome, never mind all of Italy. By foot in the cities and small towns is always the best way so you can explore all those narrow cobbled side-streets!
3) A positive attitude to gaining holiday weight. Nobody should diet on vacation and that rule is even more true for those coming to Italy. There is too much to taste so don’t pass anything up and leave the gym & celery sticks for when you get home. You’ll walk a lot anyway, so you won’t feel so bad about taking gelato or pizza breaks.

Top 3 favorite places in Italy

1) Rome. They don’t call it the Eternal City for no reason. Escaping the crowds and feeling like a local in Rome is possibly the best feeling on earth.
2) Siena. A place not many think to visit when they come to Italy, but Siena is a stunning city with so much to see and do.
3) Venice. A magical, mystical & romantic place. Who doesn’t want to get lost down the cobbled lanes and watch the reflections of carnival masks in the turquoise waters of the canals.

Top 3 neighborhoods in Rome

1) Trastevere. THE neighborhood in Rome. Food, art, boutiques and bars. Day ro night it is wroth a stroll through this part of town.
2) Monteverde. There is a hill in this neighborhood that gives you a panoramic view over the whole city of Rome.
3) Monti. They say it is the hipster neighborhood. I love the relaxed atmosphere of this place in the center of town, just a stone’s throw form the Colosseum.

For more tips from The Roman Foodie on Italy, watch for upcoming posts on the Italy blog and follow her blog, theromanfoodie.com.

Interested in sharing your top tips? Contact erin {at} insidersabroad {dot} com!

Published March 24th, 2016 by The Roman Foodie
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