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Personalized Italian courses in Orbetello at the sea

Location: Orbetello, Tuscany

Asking price: varies

The Italian language school Terramare located in Orbetello offers an intensive outdoor program with many cultural activities, as the courses that are held in small groups (not more than 2-6 students) do not only take place in the classroom but in this lovely city and region: the participants learn the Italian language getting to know the Italian society, taking part in various cultural events and exploring the natural paradise as well as the artistic and cultural treasures of the surrounding area. At Terramare students experience an intensive and unforgettable Italian language holiday.

There is a wide variety of very personalized courses available at Terramare:

Standard courses
- Standard group course
- One-to-One
- CILS-preparation course
- Combined intensive course

Special courses
- Language, art and archeology
- Language, nature and sport
- Language, cuisine and the wine trail

Extraordinary Practical Language Courses
- The language of travelling –Educational journey through four Italian regions
- From creating to speaking
- The economical correlation between the lagoon and the sea
- Archeology from the Etruscans& Romans to the Middle Age & Renaissance
- Wine gastronomy in the Maremma
- Christmas in Italian

For further information take a look at the website of Terramare: http://www.linguaterramare.com

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