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See “Michael Moore in Trumpland” in Rome (in English)

Patrick Boylan

Remember what happened a year ago this time (Nov. 8th)?
(How could you forget???!!!)
Well, Michael Moore predicted it all in his last-minute attempt to stop the Trump juggernaut, the hilarious one-man show he brought to Wilmington, Ohio, and filmed.

You didn’t see it then? Well, see it now – because Moore predicts exactly what was going to happen and why – something few believed possible. The lessons to be learned from analyzing this film are manifold. Afterwards, let’s discuss how to apply those lessons today.

“Michael Moore in Trumpland” at the Circolo Arcobaleno
(via Pullino 1, Metro Garbatella)
on Thursday, November 2nd, 8pm.
More at: http://www.peaceandjustice.it/initiatives.php

Posted October 30th, 2017