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Strong earthquake hits central Italy

Susie White

The 6.0 earthquake (lasting a neverending 142 seconds) that hit central Italy in the early hours yesterday, August 24th, has caused 250 confirmed victims. Searches continue in several towns and villages that have suffered extreme damage, including Amatrice, in northern Lazio, with the epicenter near Accumoli, both in the province of Rieti and in Arquata, in the province of Ascoli Piceno (Le Marche), and its small town of Pescara del Tronto. Hundreds of aftershocks have followed, some up to 5.0 themselves.

The toll-free emergency numbers for Civil Protection Department (Protezione Civile , similar to the national Guard in the US) are 800 840 840 or 803 555. People are urged to send help, but to please stay away from the area.

What can you do to help? There are several ways you can help victims, their families and, yes, their pets. Here are a few:

Local Civil Protection offices are gathering items (new , please) such as:

- blankets
- sheets
- warm clothing (the temperature drops to even 0°C during the night)
- bottled water, especially small (easier for emergency kitchen use), both still and carbonated
- food: high protein foods in general, canned beans and tomatoes, non-perishable foods, longlife milk, oil
- personal hygiene products: toothbrushes, soap, toilet paper, kleenex, diapers and wet wipes (even for general use)
- plastic utensils
- pet food
- toys
- disposable gloves
- picks for the volunteers
- baskets and boxes to help distribute donations

PLEASE NOTE: The race to donate blood has been successful and donations are no longer urgent, but the national Avis has set up an account to help their member locations, which you can find here.

Should you want to help animals in particular, Sarah Topps, an expat in Le Marche, with proven experience in similar projects, has set up a crowdfunding in order to buy pet food.

Please add to the comments below should you know of any other ways to help!

Posted August 25th, 2016

elisabeth bertrand

Me and a few friends had a good think about what would be important material for the Earthqualke relief. I spoke to a company that provides lighting and emergency accommodation to the RedCross. There are obviously a lot of priorities but the one thing that they could really use is better lighting of the area. We set up a request for donation to provide lighting NOW (within the next 72 hours and skip all protocol) and get the material down there, not only to allow working at night but also the work needs to be done in safety. Please share if you want to help!
Please see the follwoing post for more details: https://goodbits.io/emails/6e560288-cda8-41be-8…

Posted August 26th, 2016


Wonder how a Californian reacts to an earthquake in Italy? Our insider shares her experience: http://www.insidersabroad.com/italy/blogs/cultu…

Posted November 16th, 2016

Valerie Fortney

I have been so impressed by the mayor of Amatrice – he rocks! We have a special place in our hearts for this town and were heartbroken to see the devastation. We spent many happy times there with good friends and good food. But in the aftermath, this mayor has been amazing to rally his people and get things done while boosting morale. First I read about the Christmas tree, a sweet gesture that brought tears to my eyes. http://www.thelocal.it/20161209/in-pictures-chr…

Then I clicked the related article to see the flying Santa that brought gifts to the kids. http://www.thelocal.it/20161207/parachuting-san…

But then, looking at the comune website again to see about donations (we had already donated directly to the comune in the days after the quake) I found that he has put up a program where you can send short video Christmas messages to the townspeople via WhatsApp! http://www.comune.amatrice.rieti.it/ad-amatrice…

AND has instituted an Adopt a Project funding option (adotta un’opera) where you can donate and specify which rebuilding project the funds go to (the church, the Palazzo del Comune, the school, etc) http://www.comune.amatrice.rieti.it/elenco-adot…

So nice to see this mayor really digging in and committed to getting things done!

Posted December 14th, 2016

Susie White

As if the thousands of earthquakes/aftershocks have not been enough, Italy continues to be hit by natural disaster, several strong earthquakes, record snofall (most in 60 years) and a devastating avalanche that most probably has taken tens of lives.

This is a project to help out in just one place (but there are so many more) – the money will go to the Croce Azzurra, to repair the ambulance damaged at the Amandola hospital, in the August earthquake.

In addition to approximately 2 meters (6 feet, or so) of snow, we had 4 earthquakes yesterday above 5 magnitude. The bell tower in Amatrice finally collapsed, being heavily damaged previously .
Many of the people already displaced from the previous earthquakes are living in temporary housing, without power and heat. It is a truly trying time. Buy downloading these 26 tracks – even if the tracks aren’t to your particular taste, (it’s an eclectic mix!) the proceeds are going to a wonderful fund.


Posted January 19th, 2017