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International Restaurants in Trastevere, Rome


Insider Reed shared his favorite international restaurants around Trastevere in a post on the blog. When you’re tired of pizza, pasta, and gelato, these eateries are a lifeline:

Da li Cochi a Trastevere (Via della Scala, 73, 00153 Roma): Opened by two young cooks, Da li Cochi is a popular lunch spot for students of John Cabot, and not without reason. The little restaurant on Via della Scala features 3 euro Subway-style panini on home-cooked bread, thick-crusted pizza-by-the-slice, and the best burgers in Trastevere. It’s hard to comprehend my love affair with the burgers – two patties, gooey mozzarella, full veggies and American-style condiments keep me coming back again and again. These burgers alone are the reason I included Da li Cochi under “American” food, as they are a unique twist on a classic. Coupled with some really friendly guys and posters of local events, this is a great place to fill up and hang out.
Beerland (Via Di Ponte Sisto, 00144 Roma): With a great location in Piazza Trilussa and a name that calls to the throngs of American college students in the area, Beerland is an attractive choice for change-of-pace food. It is the closest thing I have found to an American fast food joint (other than McDonald’s and Burger King), complete with fountain soda, greasy burgers, and salty fries; a nice taste of home to those of us who shamelessly frequent drive-thrus Stateside. More impressive than the burgers are the racks and racks of obscure craft beers on the walls. IPA, pilsner, cider – name your vice and Beerland supplies.
Pak Kashmir (Via Circonvallazione Gianicolense, 5 00152 Rome): There are so many doner kebab shops in Rome that it’s easy to forget they are international cuisine. Although they are found everywhere, these Turkish sandwiches can still provide a pleasant break from carb-loaded Italian food. My all-time favorite donor kebab place is Pak Kashmir, located directly in front of the Trastevere train station, along the tram 8 line. Delectable meat, fresh vegetables, and French fries inside the wrap have me coming back over and over again. I can’t say much for the employees or the clientele, but if you want a delicious 4 euro meal, this is your place.
Castroni International Supermarket (Via Cola di Rienzo, 196/198, 00192 Roma) : Here you will find everything from Pop Tarts to Aunt Jemima to ramen. It’s a little pricey, probably because they have to ship these products overseas, but Castroni is the best place to search for those international brands you just can’t live without. Personally, I make a bimonthly trip to refill on Sriracha and Chipotle Tabasco sauces.

Posted March 8th, 2017