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About Us

About Us

INSIDERS ABROAD is an online community where English-speaking expats and tourists can share or get information about the country they are living in or traveling to, as well as a platform that provides a number of ways for businesses to promote their products and services to the community. The INSIDERS ABROAD team is a mix of expats who have lived abroad for many years and understand first-hand the needs of a foreigner living abroad, and travel addicts that seek the ‘inside’ information wherever they go. The interaction of expats and tourists puts us at the core of an effective international community network that brings people together for an exchange of services and ideas.

INSIDERS ABROAD started in Italy in 2009 and after a few years developing the brand, platform and know-how, we have decided to expand our community reach by adding France and Spain. Since our launch, Insiders Abroad has grown considerably each year and we are expecting to continue this trend.

At the heart of INSIDERS ABROAD is our community members and through them we provide relevant, accurate information on a local level to a global audience. The information you will find on our platform includes:

•The INSIDERS ABROAD business directory, a comprehensive directory of English-speaking professionals and businesses offering services within the local region
•Active and tightly-managed forums, allowing the community to share ideas, and exchange experiences on what to do and where to go
•Local classified advertisements for private individuals and businesses
•Blogs that provide relevant insight into life as an expat or helpful information to a tourist planning a trip.
•A range of additional services including detailed regional information, news and accommodation suggestions and booking capabilities

INSIDERS ABROAD strives to provide a comprehensive service for English speakers by providing information that makes their lives easier and helps them overcome the obstacles and inconveniences that can be encountered when living abroad. For those planning on visiting one of our countries, perhaps the information contained on this site will help with the decisions of “what to see?” and “where to go?”

Welcome to the community! We look forward to hearing from you.

Questions, comments, suggestions? Feel free to reach out: