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Advertise With Insiders Abroad

Effective Advertising to a Highly Targeted Market

The Power of a Niche Community Site

Insiders Abroad offers you highly targeted marketing at its best. Your ad will be viewed by an already engaged, interested and very specific audience. That audience is looking for exactly what you are offering the moment they see your ad – and is ready to buy from you. You simply can’t get that from broader mass sites that leave you little chance to stand out and make a sale.

The Newest and Most Effective Way to Reach People

Personalization (blogs, forums and classifieds) is the new way to target people, and we reach them through our “community” approach. Our community is made up of tourists, expats, and students, and we blend those markets together to provide a site that attracts and engages that specific audience.

As such, advertising on our site is less intrusive and is received better by the users than advertising on a general site. The readers of our website are looking for information, and as a community site, we are a trusted source.

Thousands of Viewing Opportunities for Your Ad

Our site has thousands of users every month. Over 70% are new, and with the keen interest of our long standing community, a vast majority keeps coming back for more. The following 2011 statistics shows the new customer opportunities and how widely viewed our site is:

  • Over 1 million ad impressions
  • 270,000 page impressions
  • 76% are new visitors
  • Visitors span 191 countries
    • 36.4% from Italy
    • 35% from U.S., UK, Canada & Australia

Whatever your budget, we’ve got the right package for you.

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