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No Ordinary Expat: Alison Wynne-Ryder, the Quirky Medium

Alison Wynne-Ryder and her husband John have only been in Spain for three years, but already the lady also known as the Quirky Medium is sharing her unique psychic gifts, and helping people who have lost loved ones to come to terms with life after bereavement.

If your idea of psychic activity is séances in darkened rooms, mediums in trances and strange voices, you’ll find Alison is refreshingly normal, and her working area, where she welcomes clients, writes articles for the local press and her blog and holds her psychic development courses, is all light and positive energy. You get the idea that any spirits dropping by are coming for the craic, and a good laugh with this bubbly lady.

I first met Alison at a psychic development workshop a few months ago. I’d gone along out of curiosity – and to get some different material for my blog – and I was amazed to find I have a sort of gift for it. Alison was not at all surprised, as she believes everyone has the gift of psychic perception, they just need to learn how to develop it. She calls it strengthened intuition.

Alison knew she had the gift from a very young age. In fact her mother used to get irritated because she always knew what she was getting for Christmas! Okay, we’ve all played ‘feel the parcel’ in our time, but in Alison’s case, the parcels in question were locked away out of sight. When Alison ‘came out’ as a psychic 15 years ago, her mother said she always knew about her unique gift, but never made anything of it, as they wanted Alison to have a normal childhood, as far as possible. Her mother did admit that she was a ‘strange child,’ and it was many years before Alison understood what was happening to her, and how she could develop her psychic abilities.

15 years ago, Alison was a civilian worker at middle management level in a police station in Cheshire. She got herself a qualification in criminal justice – mainly because somebody told her she couldn’t do it. She met her husband John when she was 40, and he learned about her psychic abilities when the bed started shaking – and no folks, it wasn’t what you’re thinking, this is a family friendly blog!

Alongside her ‘normal’ life, Alison developed her psychic abilities and did readings for friends, and 10 years ago she reached a crossroads in her life. She was offered the chance to do a psychic show in Canada called ‘Rescue Mediums,’ where she was one of a trio of feisty, modern day ghost busters who would ride to the rescue of anyone having trouble with the type of spirits that don’t come in bottles.

When Alison broke the news to her mother that her psychic gifts were so respected that she’d been invited to do a television show and was therefore giving up her ‘proper job,’ her mother was more surprised that Alison was going to be on the telly than anything else. She’d always known about her daughter’s gift, even though she always told her there was ‘No such thing as ghosts,’ since the young Alison, struggling to understand a gift she didn’t really want, was petrified of the idea of death and the spirit world.

In 2012, Alison published ‘The Quirky Medium,’ which describes her journey through the world of spirit to where she is today. As well as teaching psychic development and working with the angels, Alison is a Reiki master and does readings and spiritual healing for people all over the world, either in person or via Skype. Things in the psychic world have changed a bit since Noel Coward created medium Madame Arcati for his play ‘Blithe Spirit’ back in 1941!
Alison presents psychic evenings at many locations around the Costa Blanca, but she’s a bit cautious about appearing in bars, unless the energies are favourable.

‘Spirits and spirit don’t mix!’ she told me. ‘The football is on the telly, and you’re likely to get drunks saying “Okay, rustle us up a ghost love.” I can’t work in that sort of atmosphere, because what I really want to do is help the people who come to see me, and the spirit guides won’t come through when it’s chaotic and there are negative energies around. Most people come because they believe, but there are always people who hope to catch me out, or who just want a laugh at the expense of the spirit world.’

She’s warm and bubbly with a great sense of humour, but Alison Wynne-Ryder takes her work very seriously. The Quirky Medium is certainly No Ordinary Expat!

Alison’s website: http://discovertheangels.com/

The Quirky Medium: https://www.amazon.com/Quirky-Medium-Alison-Wyn...

Published February 28th, 2017 by Sandra Piddock
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