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The Cucaracha Club 2: The Route of All Evil is taking shape

Regular readers will know that I’ve been busy promoting an independently made spy thriller – ‘The Cucaracha Club’ – which was made entirely on location in and around Torrevieja on the Costa Blanca. May was a great month for the film – it received its UK premiere at the Darlington Arts Festival, and the first public cinema showing took place at Cines IMF in Torrevieja. Both screenings were well received by the audiences, and the production company are now in negotiations with cinema chains in Europe and America to bring the film to wider audiences before it goes to DVD.

‘The Cucaracha Club’ is the first in a trilogy of screenplays written by Billie Anthony Gaddess, and the script for the second film, ‘The Cucaracha Club 2: The Route of All Evil’ is now ready to go into production. Many of the stars of the first film will be back on set, with some of them having a more meaty part in the sequel as the story spreads its wings to the UK and Ireland. Irish actor and director Robbie Gallagher, who had a non-speaking but pivotal role as the assassin who triggered the sequence of events that culminated in Torrevieja almost 20 years later is looking forward to having a lot more to say and do.

Entertainer Stevie Spit is also anticipating a bigger role in the sequel. The drag artiste and comedian was rather typecast in his role as a transvestite vicar, but in TCC2 he’ll have two nuns under him, so he’s looking forward to ‘Getting into the habit,’ as it were!

Spanish boxing champion turned actor Emiliano Casal has also been promised a larger role in the sequel, with both screenwriter and executive producer Billie and director Rai Woods describing him as a ‘Natural actor.’ Emiliano would like to see more fight scenes in the new film. It’s where he’s most comfortable, and he feels it’s an essential ingredient for a good thriller.

Graham Robinson, a train driver from Sunderland who played a CIA agent in ‘The Cucaracha Club’ is also looking forward to contributing more to the sequel. He has fond memories of his time on set, and the warm welcome he received in Spain, and can’t wait to see what is in store for his character in the new movie.

The most remarkable thing about ‘The Cucaracha Club’ was that so many talented expats came forward to offer their services for free. Local musician Peter Taylor wrote three original songs for the film, all of which were inspired by reading the script. He has now written the theme song for the sequel, and it’s radically different from the first one – less mellow, and more edgy with a strong guitar influence. Chloe Leigh will again record a music video to showcase the film and build anticipation for the movie.

Peter has credited his time on ‘The Cucaracha Club’ as inspiring a purple patch in his songwriting. Since working on the film, he’s written a number of songs, as well as a musical. Watch this space for more details on that

Right now, the production and publicity team are looking for sponsors, locations, product placement deals and local actors who would like to be part of film history here on the Costa Blanca. ‘The Cucaracha Club’ is the first feature film made in the area, showcasing local talent and locations, so if you’d like to be involved, either in front of the cameras or in the background, contact Siesta Productions Ltd and talk to one of the crew.

Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/TheCucarachaClubII/
Siesta Productions: http://siestaproductions.weebly.com/
The Cucaracha Club story: http://www.sandrainspain.com/category/the-cucar...

Published May 31st, 2017 by Sandra Piddock
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