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Expat Spotlight: Bruno's Top 3 Tips for Barcelona

I’m a digital geek born in the Azores islands, based in Barcelona and traveling smart around the world. In my website Geeky Explorer, I share the best value-for-money insider tips and advice for everyone to become a travel smart too!

Top 3 Favorite Restaurants in Spain?

1) Any pintxo bar in Calle Blai, Barcelona
2) Paradeta – serving fresh seafood in Barcelona
3) Any paella restaurant in Valencia

Top 3 favorite foods in Spain?

1) Paella
2) Patatas bravas: Can’t resist.
3) Jamón serrano: I’m not a huge meat fan, but this makes everything better.

Top 3 tips for new expats in Spain?

1) Make friends who can’t speak English. You can then do language exchange naturally..
2) Indulge in local experiences. Don’t be forever a expat!
3) Adapt to a slower pace of life. Might be weird at the beginning, but in the end you’ll love it!

Top 3 tips for travellers in Spain?

1) Don’t eat in any restaurants with food pictures in the menu. Most likely these are tourist traps.
2) Use public transportation. It amazes why people want to have a car in Barcelona. Even if you’re travelling througout Spain, trains are a more whimsical and cheaper experience.
3) Be open-minded. Spanish are one of the most open-minded people I know. Go with the flow and clean your mind of any prejudice!

Top 3 tips for what to pack for Spain?

1) Sunscreen.: Coming from Portugal, my skin has more resistance, but you’ll most likely need it.
2) Sunglasses: Trust me, everything is brighter here.
3) Water bottle. Keep yourself hydrated!

Top 3 favorite places in Spain

1) Tossa del Mar. A lovely coastal village in Costa Brava.
2) Barcelona. This city has everything – that’s why I’m living here for almost two years!
3) Valencia. Loved the vibe of this city!

Top 3 neighborhoods in Barcelona

1) Poble Sec. A delight for foodies. Try out the pintxos in Carrer Blai.
2) Gràcia. A very very local neighborhood, with amazing restaurants and bars. Everytime I go there I fall in love with a different place. It comes alive during August during the Festas Major de Gràcia.
3) Eixample. It’s the biggest one in Barcelona and home to an impressive collection of intricate buildings like La Pedrera, Casa Battlò and other pieces of amazing architecture. Its grid formation it’s impressive seen from above.

For more tips from Bruno on Barcelona, watch the Spain blog and go to his site www.geekyexplorer.com.

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Published May 31st, 2016 by GeekyExplorer
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