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Expat Spotlight: Samaritans in Spain’ s Top 3 Tips for Spain

My partner and I moved to Spain nearly six ago from sunny UK. What attracted us to Spain was the culture, the way of life and indeed the weather. I am very lucky that can work at my job ( @biteglobal ) in London as well as here in Spain. Outside of my job, I am a Marketing and Awareness Trustee for Samaritans in Spain ( @samartinsin / www.samaritansinspain.com ) which I find extremely rewarding. I live on the Alicante Province/Murcia area.

I have travelled extensively over the past 20 years, but I can now say that Spain is my home. Yes, there are things that can be frustrating at times, but I would rather not be anywhere else. I still pinch myself daily that I am living in this beautiful country.

Top 3 Favorite Restaurants in Spain?

1) La Dama, Barcelona http://www.la-dama.com/
2) Restaurante la Cacerola Torremolinos. My Partner and I had the biggest meat feast after been a week in a campervan. Delicious !
3) Casa Araez, Costa Blanca https://www.restaurantecasaaraez.es/

Top 3 favorite foods in Spain?

1) Oranges ! Especially where I live. Never had or will have a fresher orange.
2) Fish – but particularly love the way that its cooked in Southern Spain
3) Paella.

Top 3 tips for new expats in Spain?

1) Learn the language, it’s a given if you want to get along in Spain
2) Patience – most things operate at a much slower pace. Learn to slowdown, that was one of the harder things for me.
3) Have fun and don’t keep making comparisons as to how things were in your home country. Get out there and get in the spirit.

Top 3 tips for travelers in Spain

1) Rent a campervan – an amazing way to see the country !
2) Go off the beaten track. Sometimes that is where you find real nuggets of beauty.
3) Experience a Spanish Fiesta or Carnaval – the Spanish know how to party.

Top 3 tips for what to pack for Spain?

1) Warm clothes for the evenings from November – February. It might be warm in the day but the temperatures do drop at night. Best thing is to wear layers of clothes to adapt to different temperatures in the day.
2) Sunscreen – it’s a given.
3) Mosquito repellent in summer.

For more tips on life on Spain, refer to our Spain blog and follow Finn and the Samaritans at www.samaritansinspain.com

Published March 25th, 2017 by ErinAbroad
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