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SUMMER TERRACE EVENT (Saturday, June 30th)


This Saturday, June 30th, MadridBabel invites you to its great SUMMER TERRACE EVENT, that will take place from 19:00 to 0:30 at the beautiful terrace ZIELOU (Chamartín Railway Station – metro Chamartín, with free parking).

We will enjoy the best music, with concerts & Djs, and the most fun atmosphere.
In addition, there will be spectacles, performances, as well as an Ibiza fashion show.
Furthermore, at 20:00 we can watch live the exciting World Cup 2018 match Portugal vs Uruguay.
And, for those feeling hungry the place has excellent food, both for snacks and dinners.

The entrance will cost €10, which includes 1 spirit drink or 2 beers/wines/soft drinks (no reservation required).


Posted June 26th, 2018