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  • Name: Sandra Piddock
  • Location: Spain
  • Country: Spain
  • Region: Valencian Community (Valencia/Alicante/Costa Blanca)

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  • "I can add a couple of campsites to that list, both of which I've tried out with our motorhome: Camping Florantilles Situated between San Miguel and Torrevieja on the Costa Blanca, this campsite is open all year round. Overlooking the salt lakes..." on the Blog Post called Top ten camping sites in Spain
    Comment created about 7 years ago
  • The best ever Sangria

    Sangria comes in many shapes and sizes, from pleasantly light and refreshing, for a hot afternoon, to ‘Comes with a Health Warning’ for an evening of serious partying. The mixture also varies from undrinkable (usually the ready-made variety) to delicious.

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    Blog Post created about 7 years ago
  • "Spanish food is healthy and tasty. Most Spanish recipes have no more than half a dozen ingredients, so they’re easy to reproduce at home. My favourite Spanish food is paella – it just shouts out ‘Spain,’ with its intense flavours. What’s your favourite Spanish dish?" in the Forum Post called Favourite Spanish dish?
    Forum Post created about 7 years ago
  • "Spain is one of the few countries where you can park for free almost anywhere. That said, you need to be aware of where you can’t park. If there are blue lines painted on the kerb, that means that only permit holders can park. If there are yellow lines on the kerb, there’s no parking ..." in the Forum Post called Parking in Spain
    Forum Post created about 7 years ago
  • "On the Costa Blanca, the difference in price is even more significant. For example, I can buy a kilo of vine tomatoes in my local street market for less than 1Euro – in the local Consum and Mercadona, those same tomatoes are around 2 Euro a kilo. I can buy a delicious cooked chicken (pollo ..." in the Forum Post called Farmers' markets vs. supermarkets
    Forum Post created about 7 years ago
  • "As you’re strolling around town or along the promenade, you’re likely to be accosted by beggars and/or ‘Lookee, Lookee Men.’ These are people selling sunglasses, watches, jewellery and anything else they can get hold of. It’s usually substandard stuff, and not worth ..." in the Forum Post called Dealing with beggars and 'Lookee, Lookee Men'
    Forum Post created about 7 years ago
  • "Spain is a Catholic country, and its people revere their saints. Every child is given a name, plus a saint’s name, which is why you may come across unusual combinations of male and female names, such as Jose Maria. The child’s Saint’s Day is more important than the actual date of birth, and there..." in the Forum Post called Saint's Days and Silent Processions
    Forum Post created about 7 years ago
  • "Apart from the usual suspects- hola, adios, si, no, por favor, gracias – hello, goodbye, yes, no please, thank you – what do you think are the most useful Spanish phrases? By that, I mean the ones you need to learn even before you learn the language. According to my husband – wh..." in the Forum Post called Most useful Spanish phrases
    Forum Post updated about 7 years ago
  • "Let’s lighten the mood a little and talk about Spanish celebrities. My personal favourite is Rafael Nadal. He’s an excellent tennis player, and a good looking guy – down Sandra, think of your blood pressure! However, he’s also intelligent, modest well spoken and an excelle..." in the Forum Post called Your favourite Spanish celebrity?
    Forum Post created about 7 years ago
  • "If you live on an urbanisation, you may be able to earn a few extra Euros by performing key holding duties for other residents who use their properties as holiday homes. Generally, duties include a weekly check that everything is fine in the property and reporting back to the owner via email or t..." in the Forum Post called Earn a few Euros offering keyholding services
    Forum Post created about 7 years ago
  • "Spanish medical care is fantastic, but aftercare is not so good. This is because in Spain, the family rally around to look after their relatives when they come out of hospital. That’s all well and good, but if your family are back in England, and you’re here in Spain suffering from cancer, who ca..." in the Forum Post called Paul Cunningham Nurses, Costa Blanca area
    Forum Post created about 7 years ago
  • "Where I live (Algorfa, near Torrevieja, Valencia Region) the local Ayuntamiento is subsidising Spanish classes. A local resident is our teacher, and the lessons are conducted entirely in Spanish. I thought this may be a bit of a problem, but it’s not. If anyone doesn’t actually get a point, she w..." in the Forum Post called Best way to learn Spanish
    Forum Post created about 7 years ago
  • "In many holiday areas of Spain, bars lay on karaoke nights and, in an effort to generate publicity, they run karaoke contests. English speaking newspapers and radio stations often sponsor and publicise these contests, and the prizes can be very lucrative. It makes for a great night out, and the b..." in the Forum Post called Karaoke Contests
    Forum Post created about 7 years ago
  • "Restaurante El Raso, just of the Los Montesinos – Guardamar Road – offers a 4 course lunch for just 6.50 Euros, including a small beer, glass of wine, soft drink or water. There are 5 choices of starter and main course, with set menus for each day of the week. Star of the show is a feisty Argen..." in the Forum Post called Restaurante El Raso, Guardamar, Costa Blanca
    Forum Post created about 7 years ago
  • "One of the best Spanish cookery hints I’ve picked up is grating tomatoes. At our favourite restaurant, they serve up bread with ali oli (garlic mayonnaise) and tomato salsa, which is basically grated tomato with olive oil and black pepper. Using my limited Spanish to chat to the chef, I learned ..." in the Forum Post called Make your own tomato salsa
    Forum Post created about 7 years ago